Partner.Earth acknowledges organizations that are helping to expand the collective capabilities of Teem Earth to advance its mission and vision.

This page identifies the organizations that are advancing and supporting one or more Teem Earth projects–and the broader effort to get things right with the planet.

But the Partner Earth page and site gives you more than a list or companies, governments, associations and other types of organizations. It summarizes the roles and resources that each partner organization is giving.

Information in the summaries may inspire other collaborations with any one of the Teem Earth partners, whether or not Teem Earth is involved. And by showing you the types of partnerships that have started, it may spark an idea to teem up or partner up with a contribution that’s good for your organization, the planet and Teem Earth.

Please note that is a live and public prototype for a future website. Content on this temporary subdomain site will to after validating and resourcing plans for the site. 

Active Teem Earth Partners